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Employer Webinar Series: Conducting Workplace Violence and Harassment Investigations – May 13, 2020

May 13, 2020 @ 9:30 am - 10:30 am

You are invited to attend an online training session on conducting workplace violence and harassment investigations. This is practical employer training where we will look at case studies to illustrate examples of how investigations should be conducted and pitfalls to be avoided.

The potential liability of an employer for failing to properly investigate and respond to complaints of workplace violence and/or harassment has substantially increased. Damages awarded against an employer who failed to address the harassment of an employee can easily exceed $150,000 and in a few instances have even been in excess of $500,000. Courts and Tribunals have made it clear that having a policy and providing training are not enough. Employers are required to ensure that all suspected incidents of workplace violence and/or harassment are properly investigated and responded to. Being aware of your obligations as an employer and being prepared to conduct investigations are paramount.

To assist supervisors, managers, and HR staff in properly investigating complaints of workplace violence and harassment, Wilson Vukelich LLP is providing this training session.

At the training session you will learn about:
• how to take a full and proper complaint;
• how to conduct investigation meetings with the complainant and the respondent(s);
• how to identify and interview possible witnesses;
• how to prepare an investigation report;
• how to address confirmed occurrences of workplace violence and harassment; and
• risk management techniques to limit damages and potential liabilities.

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